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March 5, 2014

one little word album // february 2014.

February kind of flew for me, so I actually didn't pick up my album until a few days ago even though I had the month's printables laying on my desk all month. When Ali put up February's handout, I immediately jotted a few things down in the notebook I'm using to keep all of my OLW things organized, and I started to connect with grow in yet another new and fresh way.Basically, February was all about beginning the reflection process that will continue each month for the rest of the year, as well as the intentions process, which was introduced in January, but now completely put into action with the aid of intention cards to hold yourself accountable (visuals like this really help me personally with this type of thing).Each month has a reflection card, so January and February are now filled in. I put the rest of the months in the first and second column of a nine pocket page and cut off the last column. I tabbed that with "reflections", and rather than do the same thing on the next page with the twelve intention cards, I did what Ali did and staggered them. I printed out a few photos of me (#selfie) and a few quotes that I found on pinterest that are on my grow board for inspiration.I only filled out five of the intentions so far, because from the time I wrote down my intentions in my notebook in early February (I wrote down eight), I have already kind of accomplished three of them by the time I was ready to write them down on the designated cards. So I re-thought my intentions process and chose a few intentions that are year long (life long, really), and a few that are more of a one off type of thing.I'll leave the rest blank, and I have a feeling that within the next couple of months they'll all be full of great intentions that mean a little more to me. For now I am happy with the way my album is coming along and I am ready to jump into March's material.
One Little Word is a workshop run by Ali Edwards in which participants choose one word to focus on for an entire year. Join Ali, myself, and many others on this journey by learning more and signing up for the class here, read about Ali's OLW here, and see all of my related posts for OLW 2014 here.

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