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March 17, 2014

sephora is my kryptonite.

Actually, I should reword that: beauty youtubers like jaclynhill, essiebutton + zoella are my kryptonite. Anything Jaclyn tells me I need, it's like she hardwires into my head the steps from watching the video to writing the product down on a list of ten others to driving in my car to checking out at sephora. She's a magician. So this happened:Despite what I've said, I am pretty selective in the things that these youtubers recommend. You have to bear in mind when watching these videos that make up and skin care products are a big part of their jobs on youtube and elsewhere, so I do like to really take their recommendations into consideration when it comes to products that I actually need (need is a stretch, but you follow me).The benefit boi-ing concealer is a product I already use and can say is probably the first makeup product I've owned besides mascaras and eyeliners that I've completely finished. It matches my skin tone and does the job I need it to do, which is covering redness and blemishes on my face. The blush is a clinique cheek pop in peach pop, and ever since getting an awesome blush in my February ipsy bag I have been on the hunt for another new one in a different shade. After seeing a lot of youtubers recommend this little one, I caved. The Korres primer was something I had to put a little more thought into. I've seen both Shannon and Jaclyn use the vitamin e primer by them, so I was interested in looking at it because I need a good primer. The woman at sephora recommended this greek yogurt primer from the line because it is super hydrating (it really is), which is more what I need for my skin. So I'm glad I got the tip off from them about the quality of the product so that I could then pick what works for me. The glam glow mask is a product that though it seems a waste of money, it's supposed to be the most amazing face mask ever. Since I was working with some birthday money from my aunt, I decided to splurge on the small size of the youthmud tinglexfoliate version and test it out. Though this mask stings like a mother in the first few minutes it's on your face, it lightly exfoliates, pulls out impurities, and smoothes your skin out in the most amazing way, so pretty worth it so far, but I don't know if I would ever purchase the full size of any of the other versions (this one + this one). Finally, I grabbed a new red lippy from Buxom in the shade Barcelona because let's be real, I need another red lipstick like I need a hole in the head but this color is just perfection and the formula is amazing.Because it was my birthday month when I was there, I got my birthday gift, which was a make up for ever mascara and lipstick sample set that is so me & so perfect. It came with a rouge artist natural lipstick in the shade copper pink, which is literally my favorite type of sheer red lip color, and a smoky extravagant mascara with the most ginourmous wand I have ever seen in my life. Like. Huge.And that's that. I liked picking out a few little birthday treats as well as an actual birthday treat from the shop. I love stores that do this type of thing rather than just send a coupon for your birthday month, though those are great too. I'm loving everything I got so far and feel like I've scratched my sephora itch for a while ('while' is a relative term).

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