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March 19, 2014

the easiest cake topper ever.

Though it was my birthday last Friday at midnight, my friends and I were also celebrating my friend Kiersten, who's birthday was Thursday. I made a homemade funfetti cake for her with pink ombre icing, a 22 in pastel rainbow sprinkles, and a "happy bday" cake topper out of gold pipe cleaners. If this cake doesn't scream "you spend too much time on pinterest", I don't know what does.The cake topper was literally the easiest and quickest diy I've ever done. Once you've figured out a good size for the letters, the twisting and turning should come naturally. I didn't cut anything, just kept wrapping the excess pipe cleaner around the shape of the letter until there was none left. After the first letter I used the length from the bottom of the pipe cleaner to the top of the formed letter to line up the next one and make the first bend.The pipe cleaners slid into the cake so easily and made it look so freakin cute. I can't imagine making a cake now without these. You can spell out names, happy birthday, numbers, anything. So easy + so cute.

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