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March 13, 2014

thirty day selfie challenge.

After reading ABM Photo Idea Book in January, I decided to do the thirty day self portrait challenge in the Capture Yourself section of the book. There were few guidelines, only to take one portrait yourself every day for a whole month, which has to be "about you or show you in some way", and to share it as you go. I posted quite a few of these on instagram as I went along, and compiled them all at the end of each week until I had thirty days' worth.I had a lot of fun with this project, because even though these photos aren't so different than the types I used to take of myself, I feel like there was a shift in my process and I also came to a few realizations. When I read that page of the book I thought, "what a great idea!", because I figured it would be a way to kind of engrain the habit of taking photos of myself and including myself in photos more. However, there were times I would panic at the end of the day because I hadn't taken a photo, only to realize that I actually did take one of my shoes, or with Max, or of me holding my coffee.So I guess in the end this project opened me up to a few new ways to photograph myself, but it also made me realize that on the everyday I usually do document something about myself, no matter how small. Everyone should do this at least once, especially if they are always taking pictures and are never in them. I definitely want to set out to do this a few months out of the year because I thought it was so fun, but this has also made me want to try a bunch of other types of monthly photo challenges, like an outdoor challenge in the summer, or thirty days of Lucas or something. Stay tuned.

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