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April 9, 2014

abstract painting.

When I painted my one little word vision board last week, I got really inspired to keep the paint out and bring out some more brushes & another canvas to create something really cool. I've been seeing a lot of abstract painting on pinterest (this and this, for example), as well as in this awesome "dress your tech" post (this one is my ipad background, soooo pretty), and I wanted to try and dabble into it with literally zero experience and no idea what I was doing.I would honestly say for myself, that it was a success. I had gold, white, and red paints that I wanted to use, as well as some basic brushes, and I just dove into it headfirst. I started with the gold and spread it around until I was ready to transition, which is when it got a little bit difficult. I created the pink by mixing very little red with a lot of white, and started to go in with that, but I had to keep wiping my brush because it would turn gold. I'm not sure if this is a normal step, or if maybe I should have waited until the gold was a little more dry to start in with the pink or red, but I think if I had done that it wouldn't have been easy enough to keep adding to (and I knew that I wanted the gold to be the most present color). I have no idea which way I want to display it because it's not like there's really a "top", but I kind of like that about it.I love that this painting has texture, white canvas space around some of the edges, and is just a mess. It's pretty much exactly what I was going for since this was my first time around, but it will definitely not be the last time I create one of these. I may be obsessed.

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