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April 30, 2014


brimming with ideas, thoughts, inspirations, + concepts.
finding that there just aren't enough hours in the day to follow through with everything all at once.
trying to get a handle on blogging regularly again after a very busy april.
watching the challenge on mtv, which is forever my favorite reality show.
recovering from a weekend in AC with my girlfriends.
drinking so much coffee and documenting it every day.
missing R now that he's back in England until July.
wearing shorts and sandals whenever it's the least bit sunny #coldbutworthit.
tucking my shirt into my pants whenever it's remotely possible (once I find a look that works, it's an all day erryday mentality).
eating pretzel crisps in every flavor like it's my job. these are my faveeeeeee.
lusting over army print everything: see this, this, + these from my current wishlist.
reading wild by cheryl strayed and really loving it despite it being something I never thought I'd like.
waiting on the library request list to finish the goldfinch.
making lists and taking names.
working on opening the etsy shop (I feel like this has been a work in progress for months now, but may is most certainly the month, people!)
obsessing over Amy Tangerine's plus one paper pack for all of my project life and paper lover needs.
planning some facelift operations for this blog in the near future.
scheduling a fingerprinting appointment for my NY teaching certification to finally go through #newyorkstressesmeout.
loving the beginning of spring & sun & flower buds & dog walkers & sidewalk chalk & lemonade iced tea.

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