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April 11, 2014

friday link love | 4.

These two boys from Pentatonix covered Beyonce's entire visual album in under six minutes, and it's amazing (also, can I get one of each of their sweatshirts, please?).
Thinking about the types of online shop hosts is daunting, but this post helped me.
This e-course from Ann-Marie was an awesome investment.
This inspirational dog has gone viral now, but I posted about him at the beach early last week over on my cousin's blog.
Honey Maid's amazing and humbling response to hate made my heart happy.
After Gwenyth and Chris' announcement that they are "consciously uncoupling", created a way for you to Goop-ify your own relationship (R + I are "artisanally partnered". So fancy).
Emma's fossil cookies look like the
I love everything about this wedding must.
I need this, this, and could probably make this for when I move out.
JGL can't lip sync for his life, but Stephen Merchant is a legend and Jimmy Fallon is good at everything.

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