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April 3, 2014

ipsy glam bag review // march.

Last month's ipsy glam bag was a great first run for me, so I think that's why I was a little disappointed in this month's bag. After last month I attempted to fine tune my beauty profile so that the arrangers of the bag would know me as well as possible, but it seems that maybe it's not an exact science.For starters, last month I recieved five products, so this month's four looked a little thinly spread to me. The bag was so weird, I can't imagine using it because of the design not being very me and the material on the outside was so weird feeling (though this is just me being a little too nitpicky, and I will for sure admit that honestly). I am not a sunless tanner, so the tanning lotion (which is SO dark, I don't know how anyone could put it on their skin and not look like an oompa loompa) is kind of a waste. The eyeshadows are not really my colors, and they're all shimmery, but even if I wanted to use the brown and gold, which are the two me-est colors, the color payoff is horrible. In the swatches below (top four swatches) I had to rub so hard into the shadows and I still couldn't get too much product onto my skin. I mean, look at that blue color in the packaging and then the blue on my skin. I had to try so hard to get that much color, which is nowhere near as bright as it should be, so that's just a waste in itself even though I'd never use that color on my eyes in the first place. The eyeliner is excellent (fifth swatch from the top), but I will never in my life be able to use a navy blue liner, so that's really just bad luck for me because if it were in black it would probably be my new go to liquid liner. And finally, there's good news, the lipstick (bottom swatch) is awesome and it's a color that I can wear and feel good in, so that's a win.I'm sure there are going to be a few months that this service is going to dud out, I'm just hoping that this month was the exception rather than last month's great bag. If things continue to go well I would really love to keep this subscription up because it's so fun, but if next month is iffy, I may have to reconsider. We shall see, ipsy. Do me proud again.

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