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April 1, 2014

march book report.

Bossypants. Tina Fey has always been one of my favorite comediennes/writers, and SNL is what really got me into her. It was really cool to hear about her life before she was hired to write for SNL and how acting on it was kind of an accident just because she looked like Sarah Palin. She's so funny, so obviously the writing of this book reflects that. It's a classic biographical account, in the same way that Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Handler's books have been for me in the past, but her accounts of working as a comedienne and writer at 30 Rock for SNL and for her own show were really interesting in a behind the scenes way.
"My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne."

The Rosie Project. My boyfriend's brother gave me this book for Christmas, and I kind of picked it up on a whim after hearing someone in a blog comment somewhere that they were reading it and it was funny. I loved this book. It reminded me of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime because the author is very socially awkward and could possibly have Aspergers or a mild form of Autism (it's never actually said, but hinted at to the extreme and brought up by the narrator very frequently). Don, a geneticist, is trying to find a wife, but because he lacks the social skills required to date and acquire friends, he comes up with a survey to narrow down potential matches by asking some pretty weird questions. He meets Rosie, a potential candidate who is everything that Don is not, therefore not a match, but because of his job and vast knowledge, he chooses to help her in her quest to find out who her real father is. This story was so, so funny, but also very eye opening. Reading from the perspective of someone who is so different than you is really beautiful, and I enjoyed that the most.
"Research consistently shows that the risks to health outweigh the benefits of drinking alcohol. My argument is that the benefits to my mental health justify the risks." I concur, Don.
"Humans often fail to see what is close to them and obvious to others."

Divergent. This was my second time reading (and reviewingDivergent, but I wanted to refresh my memory before the movie came out (which I would go on to see twice). I'm so glad that I did read it again because I think now that I have read all three I noticed a lot more of the foreshadowing and the little details that I didn't catch the first time around. I still blew through it in two days like I did the first time, because it's such a great + easy read. It's still my favorite of the three books, but I do remember loving the second one, so I'll have to read that one again when it gets closer to the next movie release. I love when books that I have really enjoyed become movies because it adds a kind of third dimension to a world that you have already fallen in love with. If you still haven't read this book, I highly recommend it because it's a really interesting underlying account of human nature and how humans deal with their personalities and feelings.
"I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. It is a beautiful thought."

8/25 of my 2014 reading goal complete. Bossypants was the fourth book off of my paperback lust list for this year.

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