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April 8, 2014

my makeup storage solutions.

I am the type of person that can have certain parts of my life a little bit messy, but I still know where things are, so it's not that big of a deal. The way I kept my makeup (on a tray scattered and stacked all over the place) was the same way, and the only problem wasn't that I couldn't find anything, but that things started to get a little bit dusty, which was not great. I invested in a couple of acrylic pieces, and not only is my makeup dust free, but everything looks pretty and organized.The first thing I got was a lipstick holder from the container store (in retrospect I should have gotten the one with space for 24 lippies rather than 12), which is nice because I had them all over the place. I have more than what's there, but I have my current loves and favorites out in the open and it's easier to deal with.The second thing I got was a set of muji drawers. The piece has three large, thin drawers with room for lots of makeup. They have a million different types of acrylic storage options, but for the amount of space I have and the makeup I needed to store, this size works perfectly for me. I like that the drawers are clear so I can see what's where, and it kind of creates a really cool aesthetic on my dresser top.I have my brushes and pencils + mascaras in gold, polka dotted tea light holders from last fall's target collection, and now I stack those on top of the drawers with the lippies, and it's amazing to me how much makeup I have in a tiny square space, compared to how much surface area it all used to cover before. Life made simple for the win.

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