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May 2, 2014

30 days of: coffee.

In March I wrote about the thirty day selfie challenge, which I completed after reading ABM's photo idea book (the challenge is listed in the back pages of the book). As a result of that project and the fun I had with an ongoing photo challenge, I decided to start a new feature on this blog as a result, "30 days of:". This first 30 day challenge I completed was all about my liquid hero, coffee. For thirty days I took photos of my day as per usual, but I made sure that when I had my morning cup of coffee (or afternoon second cup pick-me-up), I snapped a photo of myself holding/drinking/loving my cup of coffee. Like the selfie project, I had to get a bit creative every day to make sure that I wasn't taking the same exact photo each day. There was a little bit of leeway in this project though, because I have a variety of mugs at home, and I drink coffee from starbucks, dunkin, and local bagel and coffee shops as well. I try not to discriminate (read: starbucks is my favorite but it's emptying my pockets far quicker than one would like).It was a mixed bag, but as with any photo project I did have some favorite shots. In the first collage the bottom right photo and the one next to it on the left were probably my top two. It's no surprise that both were taken with either the self timer or a shutter remote, because I love that perspective. In the middle collage my two favorites were definitely the top middle shot because I used my favorite reusable mason jar cup for my iced coffee, and I loved the bottom row second from the right because it was so cold in my car that day that the steam from the hot coffee was completely picked up in the shot. And in the collage below, I loved the bottom row, second from the right because I love having dimensional shots with an intentional background, in this case, my semi blurred computer.This project was just as much fun, if not more, than the selfie challenge. Both were challenging and demanding in their own ways as well as fun and exciting (though seemingly dull, but if you love photography, you'll get me). Like the selfie challenge, I didn't add every single photo to instagram, but I did add a few of the shots to the tag #30daysofcoffee, which was already taken, but only a few photos were listed so I joined in. I'm excited for my next installment of this series, 30 days of: handwriting, which you can follow along on my instagram, as well as the tag #30daysofhandwriting (which only has one post from 88 weeks ago so I can overlook it!), and on here next month after it's complete. Join in the fun and tag your photos!

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