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May 15, 2014

date night ideas.

R and I have been together for almost six years (a quarter of my lifetime!) and because we are long distance, we like to do a lot of things when we're finally together. We're both creatures of habit to an extent, so whenever we visit each other there are places to eat and hang out that either of us have in mind. For example, when R comes here, he always wants to get pizza at the place down the street (usually more than once), and when I go to visit him I like to get sandwiches at a place called Gregg's (usually more than once). No matter what country we're in though, one of our most solid dates is going to a coffee shop or book shop (book shops with coffee inside of it are preferred and respected immensely) and doing work or reading, just being with each other without having to say or do much to enjoy ourselves.I created a little survey for both of us to fill out so that we could both jot down our favorite types of dates for when we're together, bearing in mind that when we say "let's go on a date!" we don't usually mean getting all fancy and going to a nice meal (though the survey will reveal that Rich likes doing that from time to time, and honestly, so do I #makemefeelfancy). If you're looking for a random assortment of date ideas, read on!

(R in blue, me in pink)
1// favorite at home daytime date: cooking/preparing a meal together, reading + coffee side by side
2// favorite at home nighttime date: watching a film, takeout and a movie or netflix
3// favorite out 'n' about daytime date: going to a pool, going to ikea to walk around or shopping
4// favorite out 'n' about nighttime date: going to the movies, concert
5// favorite outdoor daytime date: bike riding, picnic by the water
6// favorite outdoor nighttime date: going for a walk (in NYC specifically), a sunset somewhere pretty
7// favorite indoor group date: bowling, hosting or attending a dinner party
8// favorite outdoor group date: an outdoor bar, a fire and s'mores
9// favorite out 'n' about group date: mini golf (or crazy golf as the Brits call it), sporting events
10// favorite special occassion outdoor date: a concert, seeing the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center every year
11// favorite special occasion indoor date: a themed party, baking/cooking for holidays
12// favorite active date: a long walk (countryside or by the water this time), bike riding
13// favorite intellectual date: barnes & noble hang out, doing work at a coffee shop or B&N
14// favorite romantic date: a fancy meal to get dressed up for, make dinner together and drink some good wine
15// favorite simply fun date: a football (soccer) game, bowling with a group of friends

These are just a few examples of the things we like to do together, and great ideas for couples who are a little bored with their normal dating routine, but more often than not we just like to put on netflix and devour a bag of popcorn in front of the tv with a glass of wine or two. We're simple people, and I like that about us.

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