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May 13, 2014

tunes tuesday // may playlist.

This past month I've been a bit guilty of the top 40 lists because I have been listening to the radio a lot (even though I freak out at how repetitive it is and want to gauge my eyes out every time I hear "Happy" or "All of Me"). I've also continued to get my Frozen on for the past few weeks, as well as my Beyoncè. Not to mention that even though there are plenty of songs on this playlist, I have been playing Ed Sheeran's two new songs, "One" and "All of the Stars" on repeat ("All of the Stars" is on the soundtrack for The Fault in Our Stars and it's ah-mah-zing). Listen to the playlist on spotify here, and check below for links to the songs marked with a * because they're unfortunately not on spotify yet.

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