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June 19, 2014

30 days of: handwriting.

For this month's "30 days of:" installment, I decided to do handwriting. I'm obsessed with everything about handwriting, whether it be other peoples', adapting my own slightly, or writing in different "fonts" of my own. I love it all. I knew when I began creating a list of things that I could take photos of for thirty days that handwriting would be one of them, because even though (as the photos will show) I usually find my handwriting from day to day in my planner, I make a lot of lists on sticky notes and do a lot of writing for project life, so I knew I would have some variety. However, like I said in my first two thirty day photo projects (selfies + coffee), it's all about getting a different perspective on something you see or do every day that makes this project fun.This month, like last month, I posted some of my photos on instagram with the hashtag #30daysofhandwriting, which only had one post before mine on it. Butttttt, I kind of failed with that. It turns out that I don't really post things with my handwriting on it to instagram all that much, so I ended up minorly forgetting about posting a few, even though I was physically taking the photos every day. Ah well.Though I probably enjoyed the last project photographing coffee a little more because I seriously cherish my morning coffee, I did like this project. I think handwriting is kind of a dying art because of all the texting and computer usage, so I like going out of my way to write things down sometimes and keep it alive.My next installment of this monthly project will be held off until after my vacation coming up in two weeks from today (!!! details to come), but I have decided to do 30 days of: Lucas because I love photographing my pooch. He's a little bit camera shy at first so it will definitely be a challenge to get him into model mode every day, though I can't guarantee that half of the photos won't be giant blurs #challengeaccepted.

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