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June 30, 2014


feeling anxious/excited/nervous/happy/all the feels about my two week Eurotrip that starts on Wednesday (omgomgomgomg).
running around like a chicken with no head trying to pack + prep for this trip.
deciding whether four pairs of black leggings is too many to bring?
craving a really good grilled cheese with bacon.
wearing the same pair of denim shorts every single day.
wishing american eagle made them in more than one wash so I didn't have to look like I don't have other clothes.
listening to Ed Sheeran's amazing new album & the new (and first) American Authors album.
obsessing over the fact that you can buy a physical disc on amazon but also download it straight to iTunes. It's the best of both worlds for CD lovers like me (aka people with cars with no AUX plug, xm radio, or bluetooth #firstworldpains).
smelling like this perfume.
reading The Hundred-Foot Journey on the plane this week.
needing a manicure desperately.
enjoying BBQ season and grilled everything.
watching Frozen whenever Max will let me put it on.
finding it hard to believe that it's already July tomorrow and that 2014 is half over.
realizing more and more that life passes you by whether you're prepared or not, so best to enjoy the ride every second.
being philosophical, apparently.


  1. Love this post! Will probably steal your idea.

    1. thanks! it's like the easiest post to acheive and one of my favorite types to read on other blogs :)