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June 20, 2014

friday link love | 6.

OITNB is back with season two, which I've obviously already finished and am grieving, and I am loving all of the buzz about it, including this amazing BuzzFeed post that had me cracking up, and this Litchfield prison nickname generator complete with tattoo accomplice.
John Mayer did a cover of Beyonce's XO and I literally cried.
After years of complaining about the lack of certain emojis, there are finally going to be new ones (though based on the list I think only one of the ones I've ever complained about is going to be on it #youwinsomeyoulosesome).
I need to try to make these weird but delicious looking donuts.
This tweet cracked me up.
Grace Helbig makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis, and this video was no exception.
Passenger released a new album last week, and this version of his song Heart's On Fire with the one and only Ed Sheeran is just beautiful. They are the most amazing duo ever.
Speaking of Ed, his new album drops (drops? Suddenly I'm a radio DJ) on Monday, and I'm so excited. However, he's been tiding his fans over with audio versions of some of the new tracks for the past week and a half.
I ordered this sweatshirt for my friend's birthday and as soon as I saw the quality and felt the soft interior, I bought one for myself.
This BuzzFeed video is a real eye opener.
Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal and this compilation of 61 of her most hilarious quotes is so perfect.
I shamefully admit that I'm always behind on world news, or completely in the blind, and this daily email service from theSkimm is helping me become more informed in a quick and witty way everyday.
This girl has some set of pipes and her original song, "The Drunk Song" is so hilarious and fun.
Baseball season continues, and to celebrate I wrote a post to prove why baseball butts are the best butts.

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