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June 4, 2014

healthy banana pancakes.

The other day I was watching Amelia Liana's 'Get Ready With Me: Summer Edition" video, and for breakfast she makes pancakes out of just eggs and bananas. I was really intrigued by this, and so I followed her instructions and took a banana, mashed it up, combined it with two whisked eggs, and put the batter in a pan on the stove. It was kind of a disaster, and while it tasted alright I knew that I could really be onto something if I added a few more things. For one, the consistency was way too liquidy, so I knew that I needed to add something to bind the eggs and banana together better, and I also needed a little something to flavor the 'pancakes' to make them a little more like the popular breakfast treat and less like just a mashed banana omelet.Ingredients: 1 banana, two eggs (I substituted 1/3 cup of egg whites), 4 teaspoons ground almonds (I used my nutribullet to grind actual almonds, but you can substitute almond meal), 3 teaspoons ground flaxseed (same deal with the nutribullet, but you can buy ground flaxseed), 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, half teaspoon coconut oil.1// mash the banana and combine with egg whites, or whisked eggs.
2// add the dry ingredients and mix. If the mixture is still very runny, add a bit more ground almond or flaxseed until you have a globby consistency.
3// add a half teaspoon of coconut oil to your pan (adds great flavor) and pour in the batter.
4// flip when browned, serve when browned on both sides.
(Makes one large pancake.)

I think there is a lot of trial and error to this type of pancake because there are a lot of different ingredients you can add to make a similar end product. My tips based on my experience of making these twice is the gobbier the batter, the better. It is really hard to flip this pancake even when the first side is already browned because the batter is made of chunky and runny ingredients that are stubborn when in the pan. They probably won't look great the first few times, but they are delicious. It's a healthy alternative to full fat pancake batter with whole milk and white flour, and they're gluten free if that type of thing matters to you. I ate mine with organic blue agave and a bit more cinnamon sprinkled on top and it was delish.

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  1. Bananas are so tasty and nutritious. Good combination with nuts and maple syrup.