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June 23, 2014

how I print photos for project life.

Though I'm lusting after this printer, I have a typical HP printer that spits out 8.5" x 11" pages pretty decently. I can't get it to print on 4"x6" without borders, or any other size for that matter, which is frustrating, but I've worked around it and figure there are probably people out there who are dealing with a similar chunk of plastic in their home and could benefit from me sharing my method.

When I print my photos every week for project life, I am normally dealing with seven 6"x4" photos and four to five 3"x4" photos (for a design A page). I choose my images from the week, open them all up in photoshop (I use PSE9), and crop them down to size. Then, using two different sized templates, I drag my photos on and arrange them so that they are ready to print. The first template is a 9"x8" template (that I use twice) that fits two 6"x4" photos and two 3"x4" photos:The second template is for the last three 6"x4" photos, so it's an 10"x8" template with room for two horizontal photos and one placed vertically. Both templates leave enough room for a printer's automatic border, but makes it easy enough to put all of your images on one sheet and ready to trim down.I created a little how-to video with my microphone voice (read: electronic man voice) below to demonstrate exactly how I put the templates together and get them ready to print. Go easy on me if you watch, it's my first time really making a video to put online and editing it myself (editing as in removing all of my awkward pauses and unnecessarily chatty segments), but I personally love having a visual and enjoy watching these types of tutorials on other peoples' blogs just to get a better idea of what their method is.

Project Life Templates in PSE9 from alessia santoro on Vimeo.

To download the 9"x8" template click here, and to download the 10"x8" template click here.

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