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June 3, 2014

ipsy glam bag review | may.

1. Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan SPF 35 // 2. eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask // 3. La Fresh Travel-lite Facial Wipes // 4. Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer in medium // Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow DuoThis month's ipsy glam bag was another good month with more practical products than high end or hyped up products (last month I got an Urban Decay eyeliner, which was so awesome). The bag itself was so cute and a great size, and I've already brought it with me on an overnight trip to hold all of my makeup and got a compliment on it. It's canvas with green leaves and feels very earthy. On my weekend trip I brough the facial wipes to remove my makeup before washing my face, and they did a good job of removing my makeup. I can't tell if the wipes dried me out or if I was dehydrated, but I never really count on a wipe to do much moisturizing anyhow. I used the sunscreen at the beach last weekend for my face and I didn't get burnt, so there's that. I've only used the hair mask once, and I definitely think it smoothed my hair and left it touchable, but I'm super attached to my holy grail hair mask, so I'm not sure I'd purchase this one.In terms of the eyeshadows and concealer, I was disappointed. The shadows could have been lovely because the colors are nice, but they are extremely chalky and to do those slight swatches above, I had to reallllllly pack the color on. Even then, the payoff is pathetic. The concealer is not exactly the right shade for me, it's a little bit muddy (at least on my arm), and I'm not sure if you can tell, but in the middle of the concealer swatch I have a scar from a burn and it's not covered up at all. Considering it's a concealer, I mean, meh.

Overall, the bag itself is awesome, the wipes and sunscreen are practical, the hair mask is a so far so good situation, and the eyeshadow and concealer are complete duds. Bring it, June.

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