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June 6, 2014

summer nails: color lusts.

Summer is fast approaching, which means one big thing to me: sandals and exposed toes. Most of the fall and winter I paint my nails a dark color and kind of let them do their own thing under my socks because nobody sees them. Summer comes and it's like woaaahhhhh, you guys could use some polish and a pick-me-up. I tend to stick to blacks and greys all year until summer and then all of a sudden my nails take on new life.In the summer I prefer bright colors, pastel colors, or a nice nude. While most of these colors are considered "trendy" I really am a fan of coral, mint, and turquoise. The purple is really pretty and a good mix between bright and pastel, and the bright pink is a nice stand-out color. The metallic gold is something I've never tried, but it looks absolutely becautiful, and I'm sure that when the sun is shining on it the color looks amazeballs. Nude nails are a classic for me on my fingernails, and they look good all year round, which is a bonus. Also, gold glitter deserves an honorable mention because hey, accent nail. And who doesn't love scrubbing that crap off? #justkiddingihateit.cute as a button // turquoise and caicos // chills and thrills // sand tropez // haute in heat // mint candy apple // good as gold ・(I have no affiliation with essie, nor do I exclusively buy their polishes - this was kind of just an accident that started with the first five so I figured I'd keep it uniform. The links above are affiliate).

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