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August 20, 2014

30 days of: lucas.

Another 30 Days Of: finished, and I still really love this little photo project. As with the other installments, I found it interesting figuring out different ways to take a photo of the same thing, and this time it was my pooch, Lucas.Lucas doesn't do much throughout the day, so it was hard to get in him many positions besides sitting and laying down on one of his two favorite rugs in the house (you can probablu figure out what those two look like just from the sheer number of photos taken on them).There is a good mix between photos taken on my phone and photos taken on my canon, and of course, my very favorites are on a mix of both, continually proving to me that I don't need to make myself feel that bad that I don't always have my DSLR with me, though the quality never fails me. In the ten photos above, the silhouette of him in front of the front door was taken with my iphone, and I absolutely love it. In the ten below, on the bottom right corner, his little paws were captured with my canon, and I am obsessed with that one as well.As with the other 30 Days Of:, I kept a hashtag on instagram going: #30daysoflucas. And again, without fail, I managed to only put up a few rather than thirty or close to it, but it was still fun having it. To see Lucas all the time, you can follow #lucasthebeagweiler on instagram. Next up, 30 Days Of: Lunch, my favorite meal!

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