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August 29, 2014

currently: august.

reading The Hundred-Foot Journey.
eating a square of Trader Joe's swiss milk chocolate with 30% whole hazelnuts every. single. night. Hazelnut lovers rejoice!
listening to Taylor Swift's new song, Shake It Off over and over, and because of that, her last album Red on repeat. It is a completely different album from the perspective of a single girl, which inspired my latest BuzzFeed post.
planning to possibly go back to school to take a few courses.
longing for a long weekend vacation opportunity to present itself soon. Cali anyone?
loving how cuddly max has been lately, & enjoying spending all of my time with him before he becomes a big brother and our time together gets divided.
finding it difficult to drive around in my car because the old six disc changer I always mention is finally broken for good. I hate the radio.
catching up with project life after getting nine weeks behind.
starting 30 days of: lunch today.
wearing my new ash boots!
enjoying the cooler nights & mornings paired with sunny & warm days.
writing about always being hungry and traffic jams.
thinking a lot about the future. Immediate, far off, just what's to come. Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes it gives me heartburn.
wishing I was back in Europe on my contiki trip.
throwing around the idea of a YouTube channel. Still not sure, but I'm really into it in my head.
missing hot yoga. Maybe it's time to get back into that.
focusing on doing more of what makes me happy, rather than needing someone else to make me feel happy.

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