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August 18, 2014

editorial calendar // how i format mine.

Every blogger has a different way of keeping organized, and I'm pretty pleased with my way. I have a sugar paper la planner from target (was only sold last summer for back to school) with simple monthly spreads that just about fit the perfect sized post-it and have enough room for all of the other bits and bobs.I always write in pencil when I'm planning, even though the post-its make it so I can move things around. This might seem silly, but I think other office supply lovers will relate to me when I say I have a favorite type of pencil, the papermate clearpoint mechanical pencil. I use the small neon post-its, and each of the four colors are used for a different category to help me get an overall idea of the balance of a month with just a glance. I use two Russell+Hazel to-do lists for each month, one for things I want to do during the month (books to read, project life spreads to complete, 30 days of: installments) and another directly underneath (see photo below) for photos I need to take for different posts. I like that there's a tick box at the end of each line so that I can have that really satisfying feeling of crossing something off once it's finished #nerdalert.When things are going really well, I can normally fill up a month with posts before the previous month is even halfway through. This is when I'm feeling inspired, and have a lot of projects and recipes backed up to get through. I keep post-its along the side of a month if I don't know when I'll have time to complete the project, but know that I'm going to get to it at some point soon. Some of the ones shown in the picture below have been rolling from the previous month for a couple of months now, but all will get done at some point because being physically able to see them lingering there lights the fire under my tush a bit.On the side of the planner, I use a weekly to-do list that I found in Target's dollar spot. I use this to keep my daily lists in check, considering my month is a bit broader. Things to get done like emails, Chelsea Dogs posts, shopping, appointments, etc. all go onto that list and get tucked into the monthly page. It's nice to have the planner as a mobile unit that can come with me anywhere I bring my computer to get work done. I've seen other versions of editorial calendars that are either cork boards or calendars that stay put on a wall, but for now I don't have one single place I work, so this calendar is great for on-the-go if you too work in multiple places (like starbucks, outside, or the dining room table to name a few) but need to refer to your calendar often.

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