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August 14, 2014

too faced natural eyes palette.

While I was away in Europe I kept saying "I wish I brought a palette instead of all of these single eyeshadows", and then I thought, I don't really have a palette that can "do it all" in terms of my go-to looks and style, which is also small enough to not be a hassle to carry around. So upon returning home, I went to Sephora and ended up with three palettes in my hand to choose from. First I saw the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand palette in 'Sand', then the NARS And God Created The Woman set, and finally, the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I first put down the NARS palette because even though I liked that it came with a brush and a couple other things, it wasn't a "do-it-all" palette for me despite the beautiful colors. So I was between the Bobbi Brown and the Too Faced, and honestly it came down to the price. For $29 less I could have nine eyeshadows instead of eight with the same beautiful color payoff (according to my messy in-store swatches), and the colors were so similar, that I knew it'd be a better choice. The packaging on the Too Faced also seemed a little better - smaller, metal, tighter magnetic closure.I used it this past weekend, and man, do I love it. It's small enough to bring around with you, there are enough neutral colors to do a bunch of different looks with (and the palette comes with three cards for particular ideas), and they wore well both nights, not rubbing off and with little to no fallout on application. There are perfect blending shades, like 'heaven', 'nudie', and 'cashmere bunny', and the most perfect metallic lid shades. 'silk teddy' is very similar to Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, which is one of my faves, but a standalone shadow that broke on one of my trips because it is such a fine formula #saddestnightever.The colors are all really beautiful (see swatches above, all except for 'heaven' because it wouldn't show up particularly well on camera) and I'm really happy with the purchase so far. If you're a neutral gal like me (and you obsess over a great champagne color), this palette is for you my friend.

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