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August 19, 2014

tunes tuesday // august playlist.

This month has been all over the place music-wise. In my car it's still Ed Sheeran on repeat, but at home, work, and with friends a lot of other songs* have come into play. Plus, I had a spotify binge and found a bunch of new artists by following a long chain link from an artist I love to a bunch of other artists that are similar. Some of those new artists are Lewis Mokler, BleachersLewis Watson, Ross Copperman, Ron Pope, and Mike Dignam. The Script has a new album coming out in September and their new single Superheroes is out now and so good, so that made the cut. Most of this music is a bit softer, kind of folk/indie, but all really good. Listen to the playlist on spotify here.

*honorable mention this month goes to Ariana Grande and Break Free.

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