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August 12, 2014

tunes tuesday // ed sheeran - x.

Oh, Edward. Before I begin, to see me fangirl over Ed just a little bit more, see this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, or this post. (Or just search Ed Sheeran in the search bar to the right and you'll literally come across seven pages of search results of every time I've mentioned him).

Ed Sheeran is by far one of my favorite artists, if not my absolute favorite. He is pure talent in an adorable redheaded man's body and I love the crap out of him. This new album, 'x' or 'multiply', came out in June, and since then it has been on repeat all the damn day. It's the only CD in my six disc car changer that I've listened to since I put it in, and it's constantly playing on my spotify at work, with friends, or in anyone's car other than mine who actually has the capability to play music that isn't on a disc. So it's safe to say that I'm obsessed, just as I knew I would be.

This album is different than his last in that I think he picked more of his songs that include a bit of rapping and quickness, but there's still a million uses of the loop pedal as usual, and that's the best part. His voice is angelic, his rapping is magic, and the music is fantastic. I could talk about the album for hours, so honestly I think the album should just speak for itself. Listen to my favorite song on the album, I'm A Mess below, and buy the album on iTunes here, Amazon (for hard copy and mp3 versions) here, or listen on spotify here.

I'm A Mess
Ed Sheeran

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