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August 22, 2014

youtube roundup | my favorites.

*insert photo that has pretty much nothing to do with what I'm going to talk about because sometimes blogging doesn't work out and the photos you wanted to use are super dark and you're really annoyed at yourself for not knowing how to edit better to fix them. :)

For the past year or so, YouTube has been a part of my daily life. I can't even remember how I started getting into it or how I found out about half of the people I subscribe to, but like following a television schedule, I watch YouTube. Don't get me wrong, like every other 20something of this generation I consume media like it's my job, which includes binging on netflix, dvr-ing my favorite shows, reading through my bloglovin', skimming through the cosmo that comes to my house every month (that I never paid for but it has my name, so haayyy), and countless others. But YouTube is so different than any of those other various forms of media in that it's a real person just talking to their camera and hoping that someone, somewhere is watching and loving it. I feel like I know so much about some of these people that I forget we're not actually friends. For example, talking to my actual friends about some type of make-up product that I am using now, "oh yeah, my friend Anna - I mean. This girl Anna. On YouTube. Yeah, anyways, she uses it sooo..." Insert awkward pause and mumbling to try and save myself from looking like a complete fool to no avail. Whether you're into YouTube, didn't know it was home to anything other than funny cat videos, or somewhere in between, here are some of my favorite people/channels on YouTube for you to check out if you're looking for new media obsessions, or even if it's just with your morning coffee for ten minutes.

Anna of ViviannaDoesMakeup // Anna is one of the main people I feel like I could be friends with in real life. She reminds me of myself and her humor that she usually put disclaimers on as not very funny, I find hilarious. The way her relationship with her boyfriend is reminds me of how I am in relationships, and generally just everything about her is delightful and makes me want to be her friend in real life. Her YouTube channel is mainly beauty, but she also does weekly vlogs, which are my favorite. Follow her on twitter, instagram, and read her blog.

Zoe of Zoella // Zoe is another person I feel like I am friends with and then have to snap myself out of it. With over 5 million subscribers, and as one of YouTube's largest channels, she manages to stay humble and fun. Frankly she's just adorable, and whether she's doing a hair video, a favorites video, vlogs of her daily life, or just sitting down to talk about something that's important to her, I can watch it all. Follow her on twitter, instagram, and read her blog.

Tyler Oakley // Tyler is another YouTube sensation who is quickly gaining tons of fame. He recently gave and received awards at the Teen Choice awards, has done other things for MTV and their red carpet for events, took part in One Direction's 1D Day, and is constantly in those teen magazines you see in the aisle of Target and are tempted to get because Harry Styles is on the cover (no, just me? Can't be). He's all over the place and I'm sure he'll soon be a household name. He's hilarious, vulgar, and innovative. Follow him on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

Estée of EssieButton // Estée just makes me laugh out loud, or LOL if you will. Everything that comes out of her mouth, her delivery, and her countless hand gestures just kill me. She's a Canadian living in London with her boyfriend and adorable greyhound, Reggie, and not only does she do beauty videos, but she does DIY and cooking sometimes, and her, Aslan, and Reggie do daily vlogs here and there. She's an absolute riot, and even if you don't like beauty things, you'll love her just for how silly she is. Follow her on twitter, instagram, and read her blog.

Alfie of PointlessBlog // Though I've been watching him since before he started dating Zoe, now that they date I've taken even more of an interest in him, particularly in his recent addition of daily vlogs to his second channel. Zoe and other YouTubers that I like appear in them often, which makes them fun to watch. He also has a gaming channel, and when him and Zoe play the sims, or him and Chai play super mario on the wii, I'm all over it. Follow him on twitter, instagram, and watch his daily vlogs.

Louise of SprinkleOfGlitter // Louise is Zoe's best friend, and her channel is kind of what I would imagine my channel to be like if I had one. Sometimes she does beauty things, sometimes hauls, clothing lookbooks, general life chats, etc. She has a very sweet husband, Matt, and an adorable baby girl who is about three, named Darcy (who is her absolute mini me!) She's absolutely hilarious and so easy to watch for hours. Follow her on twitterinstagram, and read her blog.

Jack Howard // Jack is one of the most recent channels that I have started watching, and that started because him and Louise became best friends and started appearing in each other's vlogs and other videos together. He's a total sweetheart, and very good at creating videos not only because he's hilarious, but also very talented with all of the editing and things. He edited a few of Louise's videos for her, and you can just tell that he's got so much talent. And he's pretty good looking too, if I do say so myself. Hay, Jack. Follow him on twitter and tumblr.

Amelia Liana // Amelia is someone I found through Essie, and she's another beauty YouTuber. She's beautiful, funny, and is the type of person that makes you want to spend all of your money on the things that she recommends because she's so influential. Her hashtag, #feelingspendy, sums that up in a perfect way. Follow her on twitter, instagram, and read her blog.

Grace of ItsGrace // Grace. Grace, Grace, Grace. There's seriously so much to say about her that there's almost nothing to say. She's literally one of the funniest people that I don't know. She makes videos that have shockingly little actual content, but they still manage to have me rolling around laughing. Her and her two best friends, Hannah and Mamrie, do a stand-up show together that I wish was coming to NYC, and they also made a movie, Camp Takota, which reminded me so much of my camp experience. If you want to laugh a ton, follow her on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

Jaclyn Hill // Jaclyn Hill is a professional makeup artist who knows literally everything there is to know about makeup. She's another person who makes me feel like I am Donald Trump when I go into a Sephora. She's a bad influence, but I know that everything she recommends is going to be amazing, and she's super into skincare, which has definitely helped with my skincare regime and blessed me with better skin. She's very funny, and always does bloopers of classic Jaclyn at the end of her videos, which I live for. Follow her on twitter, instagram, and read her blog.

Phew. Okay. Go check them out. YouTube is the next big thing people, I'm telling you. I mean, it already kind of is, but I'm still always surprised when people tell me they don't watch YouTube or didn't know that there are people who make a living from it. I think it's great, and I want to do whatever I can to support the people that I watch, because they are all incredibly awesome.

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