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September 18, 2014

ash boots.

If you can love a pair of boots as your own children, these are those boots for me.I mentioned these boots as an item I was coveting because of Anna, who wears them alllllll the time in her vlogs oh so effortlessly, and I just couldn't hold out treating myself any longer. (I know, my money management skills should be assessed by someone). I never spend this much money on myself, but watching Anna make these boots work with every single outfit made me feel confident that I could do the same. Also, I've been wearing the crap out of my olive green Target booties from last fall (similar), so I know having another pair in a more neutral color will be great.The pointed toe and the cut of these boots is what makes them so irresistable to me. The cut in the middle of the top elongates your leg and thins out your ankles, which also shows a bit of skin and breaks up the line between your pants and the shoes really nicely. I did have to size up because there aren't zippers on the sides to help you in, but they still fit really comfortably and I have enough room to wear thicker socks when it's cold out. If you're looking for a similar bootie at a lower cost, try the target ones linked above, or these.

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