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October 27, 2014

currently: october.

settiling into my new job at BuzzFeed.
loving every. single. second of it.
liking commuting more than I thought I would.
missing my chicken nugget and little wing so, so much every day.
reading The Bell Jar and Crazy Rich Asians.
enjoying wearing more than sweats and sneakers to work.
giving Breaking Bad a second try on netflix because I'm tired of people telling me, "I swear, it gets better!".
watching Step Brothers once a week and quoting it several times a day, to everyone's dismay I'd imagine.
listening to so much new music.
trying to do something exciting every weekend now that it's only two days like the rest of the working world. I was so spoiled with three day weekends for two years.
drinking more coffee than any human ever should.
trying to keep up with the blog, but obviously my first priority right now is kicking ass at work.
taking in fall and all its glory.

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