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November 30, 2014

currently: november.

eating Thanksgiving leftovers like it's my job.
watching Arrested Development and Parks & Rec from the beginning on Netflix, and New Girl season four on dvr.
wearing a variety of jackets because the weather just can't get its crap together.
trying to get back on the DIY horse and line up some new projects for the blog.
working on planning posts for the next month so that I can manage my time better.
looking forward to having my house to myself for ten days while my parents are away #freedom.
wishing my dog was staying home with me, but I'm not home enough during the week, so he's going to doggie camp.
reading way too many books right now, which is something I normally never do. I'm part way through this, this, this, and this.
enjoying the beginning of Christmas buzz at work.
having a hard time understanding how December has already creeped up on us, and how an entire year has gone by so quickly. Scarrrryy.
loving the look of the Steven Hawking movie.

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