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December 25, 2014

a weird post about scarves and self-timers that happened because I wanted to use my new tripod.

This post came about because I honestly just wanted to use my new tripod somehow, but everything kind of went to shit when my shutter remote (which I highly recommend if you have a camera without infrared capabilities, I think I just need a new battery) stopped working. So I kind of taught myself how to make the best of the self-timer on my camera, plus continuous shooting, which on my camera can take up to 10 consecutive shots. I learned a few random things along the way, so I'll use these awkward scarf photos to talk about it.The self timer on a camera is a huge pain in the ass. Maybe it's just my camera, but it was really hard to get the focus right without a subject in the frame because the subject was me, who was trying to focus the nonexistent subject. Catch 22/Inception kind of? So what I had to do was take the photos more close up, rather than far away (I realize I could have put a chair where I would have been standing and focused on that, but it was all very in the moment), and focus myself at an arm's length.Another thing that I learned was that continuous shooting of ten frames gives you just about enough time to move your body into three different positions. The pictures in between the first, middle, and last will be blurry, but the others should be focused if you're quick. Again, with the shutter remote this would be simpler, but obviously not everyone has/wants a shutter remote, so this is a doable alternative.
I wish I saved some of the awkward in between shots (the one above is kind of awkward because of me and my face, not the camera, so there you go), but I kind of deleted things as I went so I wouldn't have hundreds of photos to import onto my computer, but I promise, there were at least a hundred blurry shots for the maybe 20 focused ones I got (out of which maybe three or four were actually what I was looking to capture).So basically, if you're looking to take photos of yourself with a tripod, and you don't have a working shutter remote, and no one is around, you can. It's a production for sure, but coming from someone who really doesn't know much about their DSLR, it's doable and actually kind of fun once you get the hang of it.

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