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December 3, 2014

november book report.

This month I did something that I never do, and I'm not even totally sure why I did it. Except, I am kind of sure. So here comes a pointless story that has nothing to do with the plots, or my opinions, of these books.

I ordered The Bell Jar and Still Alice on amazon, because one is on my paperback lust list for this year, and one was raved about all over goodreads, so I figured I'd give them a try. I started reading Still Alice, and realized the the pages were punched wrong when the book was made, and I had to physically rip the pages apart at each turn. That was annoying, so I stopped reading about thirty pages in. (Still haven't returned it to amazon. Such a procrastinator). Then, I started reading The Bell Jar, but was given Yes Pease at work because Amy Poehler was coming in for a Q&A. So to prep for her coming in, I started to go in hard on reading that book, dropping the other two completely. THEN (I swear we're in the homestretch here), I started reading Crazy Rich Asians, because that's the book of the month (month and a half to two months) with my friends for our book club.

So in conclusion, I am in the middle of four books for various reasons, so hopefully what we're looking at are the four books I'll have done by the end of this month. Dreaming big here, because even though I spend a ton of time on trains every day, I still seem to never read enough anymore. But it's bath season, and I just bought some new bath salts, so game changer.This month I also read half of Mockingjay again, literally the day before and day of going to see the movie. The last twenty minutes of the movie were about all I didn't get up to in the book, so I'm deciding whether I should finish the rest of the book now, or save the second half for next year when the last installment of the film series comes out. Though, it was also on my paperback lust list for this year, so maybe I'll finish it off so that I can pretend I succeeded with that list. Stay tuned.

For those hanging by with the math, that's still only 17/25 of my 2014 reading goal complete. Should I finish these five books hanging in the balance, that'll only be 22. But let's see how this goes, I love a good challenge.

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