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January 5, 2015

30 days of: hands.

It took me a long time to get my crap together and do another installment of this project. I still love it, but I think what I realized this time around is the reason I had more fun with the coffee and handwriting installments, is because they were easy. I wasn't reinventing the wheel, and probably everyone but me would have found them monotonous and boring, which honestly is kind of how this hands project was, but for some reason, hands just didn't click as well with me.Part of the reason, I think, is because it looked a lot like 30 days of: coffee all over again, because on any given day, I'm holding coffee. A lot of photos were taken by accident (as in, not meaning to take the photo of my hand for the purpose of this project), and that's not what I want this project to be about. I want it to be intentional, and I want it to have a bit of thought behind it.I do like a bunch of the photos I took for this project, especially the one of me in my scarf (below, top middle), because it's of both of my hands, and I put thought into getting my hands in that photo, even though the photo was for something else.My next installment is going to be 30 days of: shoes, because taking photos of myself from the waist down is something I do all the time. I feel like it's a good one to ease myself back into the habit of taking an intentional photo every day (I went back to setting an alarm on my phone), and the twist on it will have to be remembering to do it in different places every day, so that everything looks different and (hopefully) interesting. I'm excited to be starting this up again, and my goal for this year is to keep it up every month.

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