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January 31, 2015

currently: january.

Feeling so insanely excited over finishing my 2014 Project Life album.
Devouring book after book lately (currently reading Landline, with Big Little Lies on deck).
Making an effort to do more DIY projects and cooking/baking in the next few months.
Figuring out what items I have left to do on my 25 Things list before my birthday in March.
Compiling a few things here and there for my 26 Things list, this year's birthday project.
Planning posts further and further ahead of time and really working on making sure they're all lined up in advance.
Taking photos of my coffee every morning and deciding if I want to change my 30 days of: project into a 365 project, since coffee was my favorite installment of the 30 days of: project so far.
Finishing up 30 days of: shoes regardless.
Laughing at this photo progression I made of Skylar #secondchildprobs.
Watching so much Parks and Rec, and losing my shit at scenes like this one and this one.
Loving that I'm getting to spend so much time with my chickens in the interim between jobs (even if they're asleep half the time).
Missing the city and my friends, but trying to keep focused on finding my next career adventure.

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