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January 26, 2015

cut-out city canvas.

As a Christmas gift this year, I decided to make my friend Alyssa a piece of art to represent Boston, where she went to college. I've seen these types of canvases on Pinterest before, and decided to kind of go for it and just make something I thought she would like.First, I lined masking tape to make stripes on the canvas that were about the same width, but I didn't measure or anything, just kind of went by my eye. (I think it came out fine, but you can measure if you feel the need).Then I painted black over the tape, waited for it to completely dry (overnight for good measure), and then peeled the tape off the next morning.While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cut the shape of Boston out of glitter paper by printing it out backwards and then taping the printout to the back of the paper. Rather than tracing, I just cut it out directly. I cut out a little pink heart from a post-it to put over Boston University, where she went and spent most of her time, and glued both the city shape and the heart down with tacky glue.I used a gold marker when everything was all finished and glued, and wrote Boston along the side of the canvas as a final touch. And that's it. Without waiting for the paint and glue to dry, the painting and cutting and writing probably only took about thirty minutes. It's a perfect gift idea for long distance friends, as a graduation gift, or just for the avid traveler.

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