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January 15, 2015

elephant trinket box.

Every time I walk past the kid's project section in Michael's I always think how fun projects with those toy animals were, and then, why can't I have assignments anymore that involve using them? Well, I decided I can.To make a toy animal trinket box you need:
// tacky glue
// gold spraypaint (use any color you want, I'm just obsessed with gold)
// toy elephant (use any animal you want, I'm just obsessed with elephants)
// clear box
I was inititally considering spray painting both the elephant and the lid of the box, but then decided that it would be cooler to keep the box completely transparent and just the elephant gold. Spraypaint whatever you want to, depending on the type of box you get and type of plastic animal, but I love the way this turne out.I used tacky glue (helpful that I didn't spraypaint the top because I could apply pressure with the glue and see through the bottom how much of the feet of the ellie were connecting) directly on the elephant's feet, then held with pressure for about a minute, then left it to dry overnight. I'm sure it was dry way before that, but who knows? Then I filled the box with some lippies that I have in rotation right now, and boom goes the dynamite. I think these are going to be one of my go-to gifts for friends because it's simple but adorable, and cheap but chic for storing little trinkets.

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