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January 16, 2015

friday link love | 10.

So hardcore obsessed with this game right now.
For sure cried at this video and I'm not even going to pretend I didn't.
Use this vine from BFF to find out what your New Year's resolution should actually be.
Considering taking this e-course from ABM to cross off another item on my 25 Things list.
Still laughing at this video months later.
Though Catalog always gets me with their truly honest pieces.
An interesting look at how to fall in love with anyone.
This video<3.
I'm so excited to see this movie and watch the heartbreaking book come to life.
From my extremely talented and hilarious coworkers: toddler New Year's resolutions, a scientific study of a year on Twitter, what the cast of Doug looks like now (5 made me lose my shit), and finally, something I've been waiting to be validated my whole life, times Kevin McAllister was definitely a murderer.
And from me, check out my five minutes of Pinterest fame, tips to master your curling iron, and how I feel about getting manicures.

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