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January 29, 2015

project life 2014 // end page + what I learned this year.

I finally finished my 2014 project life album, and I couldn't be more excited. Though it was a year and a bit in the making, it sumultaneously feels like I've been working on it my whole life, and that I just started it. I don't remember the book getting so heavy, or the rings getting so full, and I may not remember all of the little moments that made it into the pages, but every second I spent on this project was worth it. 2014 was for sure the craziest year of my life so far, which I feel like I've harped on enough, but I could have never known that little detail when I decided late in 2013 to start an album for the upcoming year. I'm so happy that I have this album that I can't possibly imagine not continuing with the project this year.I learned quite a few things about the way I approach the project both while doing it and then blogging the spreads.
// I need to have all of my materials in front of me. So it's not something that I can sit down and do unless I have a little bit of time put aside. When I only take out half of my kits or tools, I find myself restricted and don't usually end up loving the spread as much as I would when I have all of my things available to me. This doesn't meant that it takes me forever to finish one week, or that I overload my photos with embellishments and stickers, it just means I feel like I'm choosing the best materials to go with the photos I chose for that week.
// Even when I was behind it never felt like work. As soon as this project starts to feel like work, I'll know that I'm ready to move on to a simpler method (though what I do already is pretty simple), or maybe a different documentation form. However, I don't see that happening any time soon, so I'm going to keep on keeping on with the way I do things for now.
// Sometimes the blogging part got a little monotonous. I am going to try and change the way I blog the spreads a little bit, make it a little more brief where it can be brief. When I read other people's posts on their project life spreads, I always like seeing what materials they used, which is why I list mine with links, and I always like to know what they felt was a special part of the spread, which is why I usually take a close-up photo of something for each post. So not much will change, but just enough that it feels different for me sitting behind the keyboard.That's really it. I love this project so much more than I ever thought I could, and I am excited to continue it and watch it evolve in the same way it did over the course of last year.
Materials used: midnight core kit (and then...), studio calico PL kits: sandlot (live fully); walden (be you tiful); poet society (stay golden, I'm still learning),  design A pocket pagesfiskars corner rounderstaz-on jet black inksmash date stampzig writer for vellum marker in black (on photos), zig writer marker in black (on journal cards), and photos printed from

Project Life is a simplified solution to scrapbooking created by Becky Higgins that helps you to record the memories of everyday life. Document your story either physically or digitally along with me and so many others. Find out more here, how to start here, & see all of my PL 2014 posts here. Some links may be affiliate links.

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