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January 22, 2015

the easiest quote canvas DIY project in the world. yes, the whole world.

A couple of years ago I made this quote canvas as a gift, and I decided I want to do another one (partly because I'll never see that one again, oh well) as a gift for my best friend. She's constantly putting quotes up on her instagram and is really motivated by having quotes around her room, so I thought I'd choose one that she had previously put on the 'gram and test out my new paint markers (which I am now obsessed with, by the way #allgoldeverything).It feels silly to even write a post about this because it was so easy, but the other quote canvas is one of my most popular posts because apparently everyone and their mother searches "quote canvas" on google.All I did was use the smaller paint pen to outline the text, and then I decided once that was dry to go back over them a second time and add fake calligraphy lines by thickening all of the down strokes (wherever the pen naturally moves downward while you're writing). Obviously the quote can be whatever you want, but I chose a shorter one so that the text could be larger. And that's it - super simple, really quick, and a great gift idea or just something to fill a spot on an empty wall.

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