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February 11, 2015

30 days of: shoes. (why it failed + why that's okay).

I originally set out to do 30 days of: shoes through the middle of January. I extended it to the end of January, because I had skipped a bunch of days, and didn't want to take multiple photos on one day to make up for it. Well beyond the thirty day mark (closer to sixty days), I am throwing up my hands and moving on. I took twenty photos in the two months since I set out to do this project, and rather than feeling like I failed, I feel relieved.In my past 30 days of projects, I felt excited to take a new photo every day, and wanted to try to think outside the box about what to do with the same type of photo the next day (especially with the coffee installment). I thought that shoes would be a great next approach, because I am a repeat offender of the photo-from-above, and it was something that I would do without thinking a lot of the time. I though, "piece of cake." Not so much. Turns out that a bunch of photos of the same three pairs of shoes, from the same angle, and a lot of times, from the same location (train platform, haaaay) is suuuuper boring and uninspiring. I could have used this lack of inspiration to recreate the project and revamp it, but I discovered that I was a uninterested.At the beginning of this project, I found it fun, exciting, and a way to be more creative. Now, I'm finding it to be more of a chore, I'm beating myself up when I forget to take a photo one or two days in a row (or five), and the integrity of the project is almost completely gone. Not to mention that part of the issue is that my phone no longer rests on its side anymore (the 4S had flat sides, great for propping up just about anywhere and taking photos from a different perspective. The 6 is a curvier model that hasn't yet learned to stand). So I think I'm retiring it now. I had fun in the beginning, and I feel ready to brainstorm a new photo project. Maybe one day in the future I'll miss the project and want to come back to it, but it would have to grow tremendously to capture my attention again. I will attribute this change of monthly project to the fact that I'm always growing and adapting every day. (Let me throw my One Little Word down your throats a little bit more, shall I? I kid. But seriously, those words have power, man).

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