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February 6, 2015

five on friday: facial cleansers.

1. Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser // 2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash  // 3. Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub // 4. Dermalogica PreCleanse // 5. First Aid Beauty Red Clay Deep CleanserI feel like I've finally found the perfect combination of facial cleansers that has left my skin clear and hydrated (most of the time #dryskinprobs). It definitely all started with the Dermalogica PreCleanse, which is a cleansing oil that unclogs the oil on your face with oil (mind blown, right?!), removing the excess but leaving enough in your skin that you don't get over-oily to compensate. I use that at night to remove all of my makeup, then after rinsing I alternate using the Red Clay cleanser and Purity, which both leave my skin soft. I like to use the ocean salt scrub every few days in the morning to exfoliate my skin, followed by the tea tree cleanser, which is a literal miracle worker, though sometimes I alternate with Purity because it's more gentle after rough exfoliation. If I had to choose just one of these products, it would have to be Purity because it's a makeup remover and gentle cleanser all in one, but luckily there's absolutely no reason I have to choose. Boom.

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