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February 3, 2015

ipsy glam bag review | january.

1. La Fresh Eco-beauty day moisturizer // 2. Velvet 59 Lip Gloss in 'Nude Cocoa' // 3. Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush // 4. Pacifica Coconut Eye Shadow in 'Etheral' // 5. Hikari Cosmetics Mechanical Eye Liner in 'Storm'.This month's bag was meh. It was the kind of bag that made me go into my profile settings on ipsy and re-answer the questions that help them to create a personalized bag because I'm tried of getting products that are not a color I would use, not the type of product I like, or very similar to another one that I've already gotten. The eye liner was another crappy formula that isn't going to get used because I feel like I would have to push so hard on my eye to get the color payoff that it would pop out of its socket. The eye shadow is similar to another Pacifica eye shadow that I got a few months back, and the formula is so chalky that I don't know how I would ever get the color to stay on my lids. The lip gloss is just. Ugh, I hate lip gloss. It's sticky, it's hard to spread on your lips, and this particular lip gloss was more like a nude colored glue. Pass. The brush was awesome, because I love getting new brushes, and shadow brushes are ones that don't need to be as perfect as a face brush. As long as it gets product on, which is does, I'm happy with it. Finally, the moisturizer was just okay. It was definitely moisturizing, but I have other creams like I like way more. Also, the smell (a bit like kale green juice) was totally not for me.

I'm going to see how next month goes with my new profile question answers, but it may soon be time to try out another beauty service and switch things up a bit in the future.

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