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February 17, 2015

plastic animal photo holders.

I have had this idea forever, pretty much since I cleaned my room back in 2012 when I moved back home after college (I have cleaned it since then, promise), and threw out a bunch of weird photo stands that I got from sweet sixteens and bat mitzvahs over the years. I wanted ones that actually looked cute, and then when I started the spray painting frenzy of '13, and bought a million little plastic elephants (exhibit a), I knew I had to combine the two ideas.This project was actually super easy. All I used was spray paint, 20-gauge wire, plastic elephants (you can obviously use whatever animal you want), alligator clips, super glue, and a drill with 1/16 bit.Spray paint the plastic animal, and when dry, drill a hole into its back. Cut the wire (I did it by eye, it's somewhere between 2-3") and super glue one end of the wire to an alligator clip (I colored my alligator clip in with a gold paint pen so that it matched the gold of everything else). When that was fully dry, I glued the other end of the wire into the elephant's back, and held it for a minute until it was sturdy enough to dry standing up on its own.Between everything drying and setting and whatever else, this took me about an hour. I made two, then broke out my polaroid camera and shot a photo of Lucas and a selfie, just to put something in them for now. I love the way they turned out, and feel like it's an easy gift idea as it can be customized with any animal or figure depending on who it is. VoilĂ .

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