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February 1, 2015

project life 2015 // title page + how I'm approaching this year's album.

Another 365 potentially crazy, roller coaster ride days are ahead, and I'm ready to document them to the best of my abilities in the upcoming months. I shared the end page of my 2014 album, and with it a few little things that I've learned along the way. In this spread, I included the photo of me with my Rememberlutions jar because it's one of this year's projects, a card with my one little word for the year, adapt, and a few other cards that went with them well and are true/aspirational regarding this year and where I am starting it. See my title page from 2014 here (as well as the horrible photography that I thought was totally fine. Ha).This year I am going to continue to do things in a very similar way, but some of the changes that I want to make include:
// Not saving "special" materials. I did this a little bit last year, which is why my end page + title pages both have all of the fancy gold foil cards that I got in my SC kits throughout the year. Though I love that they look uniform and nice with the black + gold going on, I don't want to save materials, I want to use what I love and potentially give away the things that I don't find myself using after months of staring at them. No more unnecessary hoarding in 2015.
// Knowing that it's okay to miss a week or two because I'm living my life. Last year I got a little bit behind on my spreads, which is why it took so long to get it all up on the blog. I found it stressful that for quite some time last year I was at least eight weeks behind and trying to sprint them out. While I never plan on getting this behind in 2015, I successfully completed all of 2014, so I can let myself off if I get behind a week or two. It's not impossible to catch up, and if I'm busy living life, I can't be mad about not stopping to sit and document it.// I'm going back to mostly printing at home. I got a Canon Selphy CP910 for Christmas, so even though it's slightly less economical than the ordering at that I've been doing since August, it'll be easier to print as I go and not have to wait for the photos to come in the mail. While it was convenient when I was behind on spreads, I think ordering my photos this year would actually have the opposite effect, and put me too far behind.
//I'm going to try again to keep it in one album. I had a few weeks here and there where I had more than a one page spread, and those are some of my favorites. However, I felt a bit anxious at the beginning of the year at the thought of not being able to fit my year in one place. I know a lot of bloggers that have two, even three volumes of Project Life per year, but I love having an entire year in one book (especially if this is a project I'm going to continue for a few years to come, where the hell would I put them all?!). So I'll approach extra spreads as needed, in the weeks where I really can't downplay the events and fit them into two 12x12 pages.I'm ready to get a move on with these spreads, even though it feels a little weird that I'll only have to do one at a time after months of having several weeks of photos printed and looming over my head. I'm excited and I'm ready to see which little (and big) moments end up in the pages of this album.
Materials usedmidnight core kit (hello there), studio calico PL kits: far far away (this year, I want to____, twenty fifteen); hello hello (gold card); penny arcade (happiness); camelot (enjoy the adventure),  design A pocket pagesfiskars corner rounderstaz-on jet black inksmash date stampzig writer for vellum marker in black (on photos), zig writer marker in black (on journal cards), and photos printed from Photo with jar taken by Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed.

Project Life is a simplified solution to scrapbooking created by Becky Higgins that helps you to record the memories of everyday life. Document your story either physically or digitally along with me and so many others. Find out more here, how to start here, & see all of my PL 2014 posts here, and 2015 here. Some links may be affiliate links.

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