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March 8, 2015

26 things in my 26th year.

Last year I tried completing 25 things in my 25th year. I was kind of ish successful in that I did about half of the things on the list, made some of them very close to happening, and figured out what type of goals do and do not inspire me to get shit done. This year I am trying 26 things in my 26th year, and am hoping that I have changed it up enough to complete all of the items and not feel like they are a chore.

1// MOVE. OUT. (May 1, 2015).
2// Get a new, permanent, salaried job. (Hey, Popsugar. March 16, 2015).
3// Take a road trip. (October 2015)
4// Reopen my Etsy shop. (February 2016)
5// Learn to make five staple dishes from scratch well enough to make them without needing a recipe.
6// Spend less money on things and more on experiences.
7// Get a new tattoo (March 8, 2015).
8// Send a handwritten note once a month (taken from last year, it was my favorite item on the list). [|||| |||]
9// Downsize my closet when I move out so that I stop having the issue of a full closet with nothing to wear. This. Needs. To. Happen. (May 2015).
10// Buy flowers once a month because man, do they bring on good moods. [|||| ||||]
11// Go to at least four concerts (again) [||||].
12// Knit something.
13// Go to California. I know I keep putting so much emphasis on Cali, but I need the golden state back in my life asap. (April 2015)
14// Take more photos of my every day life.
15// Travel to a new place. (Portland, ME!)
16// Take a class to improve some of my hobby skills (such as HTML, DSLR photography, photoshop, or calligraphy).
17// Get together with all four of my college housemates at once. (June 2015).
18// Organize my photos on iPhoto. So much garbage (phone screenshots and twenty of the same photo) is clogging it up.
19// Take a photo with my polaroid camera at least once a month.
20// Watch the entire series of Breaking Bad, because if one more person tells me what I'm missing... (March 23 - April 3. Oh man, so good).
21// Make something that contains all of the photos of my time with Max and Skylar over the last two years. (April 2015).
22// Try brewing beer.
23// Do something that scares me. (Interviewing this girl crush of mine was frightening, but I'm so glad that I did it.)
24// Get back into watching more YouTube videos and reading blogs on an almost daily basis.
25// Come up with a new feature for the blog that makes me happy and gets my creative juices flowing.
26// Write myself another letter to open on my birthday next year.

Roll on, 25.