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April 28, 2015

currently: april.

listening to Hallelujah on repeat.
moving into my new apartment little by little before the big move this weekend. 
feeling a piece of me missing since taking a break from the blog. 
adjusting to life at Popsugar and loving it.
missing my chickens so much it hurts.
reading American Sniper.
drinking tea, cup after cup.
trying not to invest my time in people who don't want to invest their time in me (but easier said than done, because I'm me).
snuggling my puppy extra hard before I move out and leave him.
getting a little sentimental about no longer living in my childhood home.
enjoying baseball season being back.
looking for a new show to binge watch.
re-watching Orange is the New Black with my friends in the meantime.
planning to get back to blogging full-time in a couple weeks. 

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