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April 1, 2015


Freaking out over Breaking Bad. Just started it March 23, and have just seven episodes left! So. Damn. Good.
Beating myself up because I didn't read one page of a book in March. April will have to be better.
Getting excited to go to San Francisco next week to train for my new job.
Dealing with leaving my kiddos again. Last time I wrote this to help myself cope and process what was going on, this time around it's feeling much different.
Kissing Skylar so hard that she actually starts cracking up.
Planning on making these cookies soon.
Drinking so much Strongbow. Bought a case and never looked back.
Listening to this 00s Teen Angst playlist I made last week because it is the best playlist that has ever been created in the history of playlists.
Thinking of watching Friday Night Lights next on Netflix because I've heard three people talk about it in the last week and it's been on my list forever.
Laughing at this commercial so hard it hurts.
Waiting not-so-patiently for Spring to show its face.

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