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July 27, 2015

703 days of max and sky.

On my 26 Things list I had "Make something that contains all of the photos of my time with Max and Skylar over the last two years." I turned to Blurb to make a photo book with (almost) all of the photos I'd taken of Max and Sky while I was their nanny.I decided to go in chronological order because that made the most sense after I named the project "703 Days of Max and Sky." Obviously that means Sky doesn't pop up until the end, but I think my favorite part is watching Max grow with each flipping page from a one-year-old to an almost four-year-old.Though Max and Sky will always be in my life, I'll never be their nanny again, and I wanted to make sure that I had one solid thing to remind me of how special that time was. Photos aren't meant to be on your computer, which is why photo memory keeping is my favorite kind.This book is something I'll always have, and I'm positive I'll be flashing it around at Max's wedding. ;) I didn't photograph the 200+ page book, but these photos are of some of my favorite pages.

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