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August 28, 2015

curently: august.

working from home after a minor leg injury — that's all you need, it's kind of gross.
reading The Invisibles for book club with my friends, and liking it a lot so far.
catching up on Bachelor in Paradise and kiiiind of crushin' on Dan a little bit.
getting excited about cooler nights. Fall. Is. Coming.
obsessing over this video — too funny.
making a million lists in my phone for every little thing, and trying to decide if it's obsessive or productive.
eating peanut butter and jelly like my life depends on it.
listening to this song on repeat for actual full work days.
craving doughnuts on the regular — don't think this one is going away until I give in to the urge.
running on the treadmill and remembering how much I hate running on a treadmill.
going on vacation with my nuggets in November and couldn't be more excited.
wanting to make these soooo bad.
trying to keep this blog afloat. It's so much harder now with significantly less downtime.
loving the end of summer.

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