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September 2, 2015

hawaiian grilled cheese.

Even though I don't have it often, I love Hawaiian pizza. I was craving grilled cheese the other day thinking about this one I made, and also thinking about bacon, because I'm always thinking about bacon, and so this all just happened — boom.Ingredients:
// bacon, cooked crispy
// crusty bread, toasted
// cheddar cheese, heated until gooey
// pineapple chunks, sliced thin
*all can be changed, but this is how I made it/like it. :)After cooking the bacon and slicing the pineapple, I toasted the bread a bit first, then put them butter side down in the pan and layered the cheese on top. Once the cheese got melty I piled on the bacon and pineapple with one more piece of cheese on top to kind seal it all in, let it all heat up for a few minutes, then took them off the stove and smashed the halves together. Cut in your desired shape (triangles are normally my jam, but this bread was weird), and take a photo of it super quickly because you'll be drooling by that time.

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